Design study

The evaluation is that of the relationship with the object, in all its aspects (obviously all closely correlated):

  • Interactive (affordance, intuitiveness, etc.)
  • Operational (completeness, efficiency, ergonomics, etc.)
  • Social (acceptability, indifference, fear, etc.)
  • Emotional (sensoriality, materials and colours, etc.)

This evaluation will start with Romeo's predecessor, i.e. Nao, the use of which is sufficiently advanced to be able to learn lessons from the experience.

All the highly iterative design methodology will be deployed in this study from the real or virtual simulation study in a multidisciplinary approach (healthcare professionals, psychologists, sociologists).

The design study will relate to the following 3 aspects:

  • evaluation of existing systems at the start of the project (Nao, Romeo)
  • recommendations for the design of Romeo 2 (colours/materials, formalisation, body language)
  • study of Romeo 2 system including, around the humanoid robot, all the accessories, "friend" objects, and services, use scenarios associated with the robot.