Evaluation of Romeo 2

This task relates to the evaluation of the prototype in various institutions, with target populations (subjects with diminishing independence or in physical and/or psycho-cognitive dependency situations), in order to ensure that the robot meets users' needs. It includes the preparation, completion and monitoring of the clinical evaluations of Romeo 2. These evaluations will be performed in a healthcare setting including a therapeutic apartment making it possible to approach the individuals' ecological environment while remaining under medical supervision.

An evaluation protocol will be drafted to define the quantitative and qualitative data to be evaluated for the selected scenarios. The number of subjects evaluated, the institutions and locations and duration of the evaluations will be defined in this protocol. This protocol will be submitted to the Ethics Committee, as stipulated in the Law 2004-806 dated 9 August 2004.

The clinical evaluations will be conducted under the direction of APPROCHE with subjects in disability situations in 3 different institutions (Fondation Hospitalière Ste Marie and 2 other institutions). They will be conducted in accordance with the evaluation protocol and will relate to the use scenarios defined in task 0.2.

Videos will be produced for the purposes of communication and broadcasting actions. The processing of the results will be performed by a statistician. A clinical evaluation report will be drafted, it will draw conclusions on the suitability of the prototype in terms of user requirements and will suggest any areas for improvement, if required.