Romeo is in the apartment of its user, Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith lives alone, was recently discharged from hospital, has difficulties getting about and moderate memory disorders.

In the morning, Mr. Smith tells Romeo that he is going shopping for his lunch and tells him the shopping list. Romeo notes this in his diary and informs Mr Smith that yesterday he asked Romeo to remind him to buy milk. Mr. Smith thanks Romeo and adds milk to his list. Romeo says "See you later" to Mr. Smith on seeing him leave, closing the door behind him. However, before the door closes, the telephone rings. Mr. Smith comes back inside and picks up the telephone. When he hangs up, he tells Romeo that his grandchildren are coming to visit at 4 pm. Romeo puts the appointment in the diary but when he sees Mr. Smith leaving, he presumes that he is probably going shopping. In view of the time that this generally takes Mr. Smith and the time constraint due to the new appointment, Romeo advises him either to postpone shopping or to take his wheelchair rather than his walking stick so that he will have enough time for a nap after his meal.

When Mr. Smith gets back from shopping, the robot detects that Mr. Smith is tired and offers to help prepare the meal. Mr. Smith accepts and asks him to place the ready meal that he has purchased in the oven. As he has already shown the robot how to do this, he is capable of preparing the meal before placing it in the oven.

In the meantime, Mr. Smith heats water on the hob. Then, the telephone rings and Mr. Smith goes to his bedroom to answer. After one minute, as Romeo does not see him return to the kitchen, he goes to warn him of the hazard of the pot currently being heated. Mr. Smith hangs up and returns to switch off the hob.

When eating his meal, Mr. Smith is uncertain of the medication that he needs to take. He asks Romeo, and Romeo consults the prescription recorded and reminds him of the dosage of the medication that he needs to take.

After the meal, Romeo knows that Mr. Smith usually has a half-hour nap. Indeed, Mr. Smith goes to his bedroom. However, after one hour, he has not come out again. Romeo becomes concerned and enters the bedroom to check that all is well. He tries to speak to Mr. Smith but he does not respond. Romeo then contacts the remote assistance centre who take control of Romeo to assess the situation. As speaking is not enough to wake Mr. Smith, the remote operator takes control of Romeo's hand to shake him gently, while taking care not to injure him. This time, Mr. Smith wakes up. He was simply more tired than usual.

When the grandchildren arrive at 4 pm, they rush to see the robot who has gone to get drinks from the refrigerator. One of them arrives behind Romeo just as he turns around with the bottle of fruit juice in his hand. The robot, who has not seen the child arrive, detects the contact of its arm against the child's and stops moving before hurting the child.

After the children have left, Mr. Smith stays sitting in an idle position for a long time. Romeo becomes concerned and suggests activities based on Mr. Smith's habits: calling a friend to play a game of cards, giving him a book or the TV guide. Mr. Smith opts for the game of cards and calls his friend.